99 Big Ideas for Innovation, Change and Transformation

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Develop a changemaker mindset for more joy, meaning and fulfillment in your life

Far too many people live a life that is characterized by mediocrity, dissatisfaction and a nagging feeling, that there has to be more than just paying bills, spending 8+ hours in a grey office and finishing off the day watching Netflix. The intrinsic motivation is usually pretty low, they function more than they live and do what they are supposed to do. And before they know it, it’s too late and they sigh a melancholic “oh, I wish I´d have…” or a sad “why didn’t I…” into heaven. Sounds familiar? It doesn´t have to be that way, and with this article I´d like to remind you of one very important fact: Life is just too colourful, beautiful and – above all – short not to take advantage of every single day to its full extent. And the best day to start is today. The best time is now.

Focus on opportunities. Develop your personality.

Of course, if you make the deliberate choice to live a meaningful life, you will reach the border of your comfort zone sooner or later. You will fall down and it will be hard to get up on your feet again. But in the end, it’s never the mistakes, the struggles or the failures that we regret. It is always the things we have dreamed of, but we have not dared to put into practice.

Become the best version of yourself

From personal experience and my daily work with organizations, companies and leaders around the world, I know that it often only takes one big change idea to spark that inner fire and start taking the necessary action. And it would mean a lot to me, if you would use the following list with 99 big change ideas to gain clarity, focus and a lot of inspiration. The only thing you need to do? Read, reflect and implement. Sounds easy, but it isn’t, because the 99 change ideas are actually more of a philosophy than one of those typical lists from the Internet. May you experience many magic moments while implementing them.

99 Big Change Ideas

  1. Make the deliberate decision to live a meaningful life
  2. Think and act like an entrepreneur, even if you are not one (yet)
  3. Read as much as possible
  4. Choose a job that fulfills you
  5. Bring value to other people
  6. Learn to laugh about yourself
  7. Surround yourself with people who support you in your uniqueness
  8. Do something every day that you have never done before
  9. Be curious and ask yourself “what if…?” as often as possible
  10. Take regular walks in nature
  11. Be grateful for every single day
  12. Hire a professional mentor
  13. Be generous
  14. Travel around the world
  15. Focus on the opportunities in life
  16. Believe in yourself
  17. Be willing to work hard for your success
  18. See change as a great gift of life
  19. Dream big and courageous
  20. Take responsibility for your results. For the good, the bad and the ugly (Yes, I´m a big Clint Eastwood fan)
  21. Write a book
  22. Reduce your media consumption (okay, football is allowed)
  23. Do something that scares you
  24. Book a spontaneous trip to a city where you’ve never been before
  25. Don’t compare yourself with other people, but only with the best version of yourself
  26. Let your family know how much you love them
  27. Read “Atlas Shrugged” written by Ayn Rand
  28. Never participate in gossip
  29. Appreciate outstanding service
  30. Give clear, but esteeming feedback
  31. Do what you said you would do
  32. Spend time at the top of a mountain
  33. Go through life with a sense of humor
  34. Get rid of the entitlement mentality
  35. Start and end every day with something positive
  36. Walk barefoot on the beach
  37. Always be willing give a little more than you are expected to
  38. Stay true to your word
  39. Spend time with your parents
  40. Be a voice, not an echo
  41. Have an opinion
  42. Question everything on a regular basis, especially yourself
  43. Never settle for mediocrity
  44. Create a bucket list with the 100 things you want to achieve in your life
  45. Compliment a stranger
  46. Focus on abundance, not scarcity
  47. Talk less, listen more
  48. Recognize in the extraordinary in the ordinary
  49. Reward yourself for your successes
  50. Participate in a whisky tasting
  51. Be a mentor for someone
  52. Make your health a high priority in your daily calendar
  53. Look at money as the value in the head of other people
  54. Read “The Magic Mountain” written by Thomas Mann
  55. Be grateful for what you already have (hint: It is sooo much!)
  56. Set yourself high standards
  57. Get rid of negative and toxic people in your life
  58. Enjoy good food
  59. Be creative, innovative and solution-oriented
  60. Be the hero of your children
  61. Work on your personal development on a daily basis
  62. Listen to the entire discography of your favourite band
  63. Forgive the people who have hurt you
  64. Let go of other people’s expectations
  65. Do what fulfills you – as often as possible
  66. Be there for your friends, even if it´s 3am in the morning
  67. Plant a tree
  68. Trust your gut
  69. Focus on being productive instead of just being busy
  70. Practice a sport that you enjoy
  71. Give first, than think about taking
  72. Invest in good shoes
  73. Learn to play an instrument
  74. Create many magical moments in your life
  75. Be firm in your principles, but flexible in your behaviour
  76. Make the deliberate decision to stop moaning, whining and complaining
  77. Learn a foreign language
  78. Be present, when your child is born
  79. Stretch your comfort zone
  80. Make yourself a gift
  81. Watch the complete Monty Python videography
  82. Know your values and live them every day
  83. Save your money and invest wisely
  84. Start a change journal
  85. Create powerful habits
  86. Get up on your feet everytime you fall down
  87. When staying in a hotel, always book a room with sea view (yes, even if it costs you more)
  88. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  89. Enjoy every single day, not only the weekend
  90. Be on time. Always. (Think: There is no “ish”)
  91. Don´t activlely search your purpose. It will find you instead
  92. Be passionate and enthusiastic about everything you do
  93. Always be positive and think in possible solutions
  94. Enjoy life. There is so much more than work and business
  95. Don´t try to be perfect. Just be you. It´s more than enough
  96. Learn the difference between “letting go” and “getting rid of”
  97. Dare to be unique
  98. Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life
  99. Whatever you do. Do it well, or don´t do it at all

And one last remark at the end…if you have enjoyed reading (and hopefully implementing) the 99 big change ideas, then please share them with your friends and especially with the people you think will benefit the most from them.

Also, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think and/or if you´d add some other ideas.

Spread the love and let the change begin. 🙂

Best wishes



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