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The Five Seasons in C Major

The Five Seasons in C Major How every change on the outside starts with an inner transformation Have you ever been in that space of motivation where you are just enthusiastic about every sensible new information you come across? As though you’re a little human sponge that’s ready to take over the world no matter […]


How to Give an Outstanding Speech Or Presentation

How to Give an Outstanding Speech Or Presentation 10 Tips and 5 NoGo´s for successful lectures, speeches and presentations Have you ever wondered how to give an outstanding speech or presentation? You´re not alone with these thoughts. For many managers, entrepreneurs and executives, giving a good speech or a professional lecture has become part of […]


Non-Negotiable Core Principles

Non-Negotiable Core Principles Why Strong Core Values are no Longer “Nice to have” but a Must Probably the oldest saying regarding change goes, “Love it. Change it. Or leave it.” For me, this triad hits the nail on the head in its simplicity. In all areas of life, we have exactly these three options. If […]


A Woman on Wall Street – Gender Equality in Business?

A Woman on Wall Street – Gender Equality in Business? How to build a career as a female executive, entrepreneur or manager Routine and strict financial rules can be extremely exhausting; especially in Wall Street when you have had to recurrently perform a similar task and deal with similar crises for decades. This may result […]

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Transform your Company Culture – Make your Business Future proof

Transform your Company Culture, make your Business Future proof Why employee centricity is more important than customer centricity “Ilja, it’s like this—I’m really open to new ideas and would like to tackle multiple goals at once. However, my colleagues are simply resistant to change and always block my suggestions immediately. It’s frustrating. What should I […]


10 Songs that changed my life

10 Songs that changed my life Music inspires, motivates and changes Music changes. It provides us with energy, focus or even healing like no artificial pill ever could. A couple of years ago, a journalist asked me a question for a radio interview: “What is the most important invention in the history of mankind?” And […]


The Changemaker Manifesto

The Changemaker Manifesto We are Changemakers – We create the Future The world is full of negative moaners, naysayers, know-it-alls, whiners, complainers, energy vampires and cynics. And with this group apparently growing bigger every day, a lot of people get the impression that the world is trapped in a downward spiral. They keep asking themselves: […]

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10 Books That Changed My Life

10 Books that changed my Life A list of recommended books for your business, your career and personal growth   At least once a day, I receive an email, a direct message on LinkedIn or Instagram or a WhatsApp, where people ask me, if I could recommend books worth reading (and just in case you´re […]

99 Big Ideas for Innovation, Change and Transformation

Develop a changemaker mindset for more joy, meaning and fulfillment in your life Far too many people live a life that is characterized by mediocrity, dissatisfaction and a nagging feeling, that there has to be more than just paying bills, spending 8+ hours in a grey office and finishing off the day watching Netflix. The […]

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Create a Culture of Change – Transform Your Business

Create a Culture of Change – Transform Your Business Because a change culture based on openness, diversity and purpose is the biggest competitive advantage in the market place The world is changing. Fast. Nothing stays the same. The challenges have become very complex, and the future is uncertain. Particularly disruptive technologies (think Artificial Intelligence, Robotics […]