non-negotiable core principles

Non-Negotiable Core Principles

Non-Negotiable Core Principles Why Strong Core Values are no Longer "Nice to have" but a Must Probably the oldest saying regarding change goes, “Love it. Change it. Or leave it.” For me, this triad hits the nail on the head in its simplicity.…
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Successful People: That Not So “Cover Worthy” Truth

Successful People: That Not So “Cover Worthy” Truth Why your personal definition of success matters Let’s take a minute to appreciate successful people. By successful people I mean people who have done things right from the get-go. These…

A Woman on Wall Street - Gender Equality in Business?

A Woman on Wall Street - Gender Equality in Business? How to build a career as a female executive, entrepreneur or manager Routine and strict financial rules can be extremely exhausting; especially in Wall Street when you have had to recurrently…
company change culture
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Transform your Company Culture - Make your Business Future proof

Transform your Company Culture, make your Business Future proof Why employee centricity is more important than customer centricity “Ilja, it’s like this—I’m really open to new ideas and would like to tackle multiple goals at once.…
10 books that changed my life
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10 Books That Changed My Life

10 Books that changed my Life A list of recommended books for your business, your career and personal growth   At least once a day, I receive an email, a direct message on LinkedIn or Instagram or a WhatsApp, where people ask me, if…
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Create a Culture of Change - Transform Your Business

Create a Culture of Change - Transform Your Business Because a change culture based on openness, diversity and purpose is the biggest competitive advantage in the market place The world is changing. Fast. Nothing stays the same. The challenges…
let the change begin

Stop self sabotaging Yourself - Let the Change begin

Ten destructive thinking Patterns you should change (if you want to change) You probably know the feeling. The job is no longer what it used to be, the long-term relationship lacks a little fire and the bank account is already empty in the…
what is leadership
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What is Leadership? A Definition

Leadership in Times of Change - The personality as a success factor in today's growth markets What is leadership? Leading change and managing the according strategies are the success factors in today´s fast paced VUCA world. In the transforming…
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Change Competence is the New Change Management

How companies successfully master Change in a VUCA World What will change management look like in the future? I have been asked this question more often than any other in recent weeks and months. No wonder, because it is no longer a secret…


How to find your Personal New York in Life For over 20 years, I have been a huge fan of singer and songwriter Udo Jürgens. Born in a small Austrian village, he became an international star who played concerts all over the world, sold over…
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I find it remarkable how fast we get used to a certain way of thinking and acting. And once these things are in place, it´s pretty hard to get rid of them again. If you´ve ever tried to replace an old habit with a new one before, you know…
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How to define your personal navigation system Why are you leading the life you lead? Why have you chosen your specific profession? What´s your drive when things aren´t going so well? The answer to these three questions is the same: It´s…