Just do it and start making history today

It doesn´t take more than forty-five minutes for the sun to go down on the horizon. And it is fascinating to me how fast the atmosphere of a whole city can change in such a short amount of time. Where the water taxis slowly tugged along the Chao Phraya River just a moment ago, jet-set parties are starting on luxury yachts. It is my impression that everyone flooded outside at the same time. The place I am observing this from is the rooftop bar on the 31st floor of the Millennium Hotel in Bangkok. A pleasantly cool wind makes the humidity bearable; there is piano music in the background and, fully relaxed, I´m sipping my Argentinian Malbec. This morning I gave a keynote speech at an international sales conference in front of leaders from all over the world, and now I have some time to let the fascination of the city have its effect on me.

The six simple words that changed my life

And I don´t know if it was this overwhelming moment above the roofs of Bangkok, but suddenly a few questions popped into my head. What would my life have looked like if I hadn´t made that decision to quit my presumably secure job ten years ago? What would have happened if I had allowed the fear of change to paralyze me? Would I be as happy and satisfied as I am today?

Even though there will never be an answer to these thoughts, I know that I wouldn´t exchange the past few years for anything in the world. I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude when I think about all the experiences, encounters, and the ups and downs of this time. And another thing has become very apparent to me. I can only enjoy the autonomy, the intensity and the variety today, because I consciously told myself this sentence in a powerful moment for the very first time in my life: “I´m just going to do it!“ These six simple words had the power to turn my entire life upside down, to take me on a roller coaster ride, with twists and turns and speedy descents that got more and more intense. I still have a lot planned and you can look forward to exciting projects from me in the future.

Just do it. Start making history.

In my books and blog post, I am privileged to share some experiences of my everyday life with you, my dear readers. Oftentimes I am asked, “Ilja, tell me, nothing ever happens to me. Where do you get all your stories? Did you really experience them all or do you make this stuff up?“

This question always surprises me, because life is full of exciting experiences. At your job, with your family, on your commute to work, while shopping and even while visiting the zoo; everywhere you have the opportunity to meet great people and experience great things.

Think about this: The more intense your life gets, the more you will experience stories that are worth telling. But none of this happens on its own. If you passively sit on your couch, and hope that an external event or another person will give you that much needed impulse then you are waiting in vain. Only if you create the change in the next few years actively and are self-determined will you experience all the ups and downs that will result in the corresponding stories. Experience today what you want to talk about tomorrow.

Experience today what you want to talk about tomorrow

But all this is nothing compared to the most important story of them all—your personal story. Your personality, your experiences and all the miles that you´ve walked in your life combine to create a unique story that no Hollywood blockbuster movie could hold a candle to. Your task is to develop that uniqueness and to carry it into the world. Believe me; there is no better feeling than proudly announcing, “You know what, I just did it!”

Whenever you feel the impulse to take another step on your journey, I would encourage you to overcome the fear of change and, instead, say, “I´m just going to do it!“ with complete conviction. The more stories you write the more you are making history.

Don´t wait. Do it. Now.

All the best for your journey.

Best wishes

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