The Changemaker Manifesto

we are changemakers

The Changemaker Manifesto

We are Changemakers – We create the Future

The world is full of negative moaners, naysayers, know-it-alls, whiners, complainers, energy vampires and cynics. And with this group apparently growing bigger every day, a lot of people get the impression that the world is trapped in a downward spiral. They keep asking themselves: “What can I do? I´m just a normal person, how could I possibly make a difference in my personal life, in business or in society in general.” The answer is: You can do a lot. And you can make a difference. A big one. You can change your personal life, your business and maybe even the world. If you make a deliberate choice to grab the future by the horns and actively focus on all the great opportunities. If you make the conscious decision to be a changemaker.

To explain in detail what we mean by that, we created the Changemaker Manifesto. For all the people who embrace change, dream big and strive to make a significant difference every single day. We are a crazy tribe and we share some common beliefs:

  • We question the status quo
  • We believe in creation not administration
  • We empower the people around us
  • We let our actions speak louder than our words
  • We are proud of our core values
  • We generate innovative ideas
  • We make bold decisions
  • We actively shape the future
  • We know that nobody wins alone
  • We take personal responsibility
  • We focus on opportunities
  • We lead with clarity, empathy and transparency
  • We create positive tension
  • We believe in diversity
  • We create a culture, others want to belong to
  • We know that clarity, focus and persistence are key to extraordinary results
  • We never stop learning
  • We walk our talk
  • We have big dreams and strong visions
  • We make a difference
  • We are passionate, courageous and a little bit crazy
  • If in doubt, we have a coffee

These are our core values, our big ideas and the beliefs, that guide us in everything we do. And, of course, also in what we don´t do (and there´s a lot of it).

#WeAreChangemakers – The Manifesto

For quite some time, we were looking for a way to visualize the ideas of the changemaker manifesto, so that you can look at them every single day. This beautiful poster is what we came up with (it´s hanging in my office as well and I´m looking at it right now).

Changemaker Manifesto Ilja Gee

Get the Changemaker Manifesto for your own office

You want to be a part of the Changemaker Tribe and integrate the Hashtag #WeAreChangemakers into your life? Awesome. The world is full of negative people, who spend most of their time moaning, complaining and focusing on what doesn´t work. We are different because we are changemakers. And what better way to show everyone that you´re a positive, crazy and open person with a can-do attitude, than putting the Changemaker Manifesto on your own office wall. And we have a FREE GIFT for you. You can download your personal Changemaker Manifesto as a poster for your office. Just right click the picture…

Let the change begin, and always remember: #WeAreChangemakers!

Best wishes



P.S.: What are your changemaker statements, values or beliefs? Leave a comment below. I´d love to hear them…




  • Artem Rudskyy says:

    I like the Changemaker Manifesto! It is a great impulse for any business!