Making Change Happen

making change happen

Shaping the Future: Why Problems are Gifts of Life

“Take me to the magic of the moment, on a glory night. Where the children of tomorrow dream away. In the wind of change.” Is it the same for you? When I hear this famous chorus of the rock band “The Scorpions”, I inevitably have to think about the time, when the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989. Since that historic moment, this song (Wind of Change) has become the international anthem that stands for change and transformation. And the lyrics also remind me of an old Chinese wisdom that has accompanied me for many years: “When the wind of change is blowing, some build walls and others windmills”. Wise words, that have become more and more important in these disruptive times we´re living in (Often referred to as VUCA, which is an acronym for V = Volatile, U = Uncertain, C = Complex and A = Ambiguous).

Everything changes, nothing remains the same.

Everything changes, nothing remains the same. Our society, the economy and especially our individual jobs. Bottom line, there is hardly any area of life that is not affected by massive changes and transformation. And now please put your hand on your heart, do you judge this development as something good, or do you sometimes wish the good old times would return, when everything still ran off more or less comfortably? I would like to offer you a courageous idea. It doesn’t matter at all how we evaluate the change. It’s just the way it is. We will neither be able to stop, nor accelerate it. Much more important is how you react to it. Because the better you are prepared for future trends, the better you can deal with them. A few years ago I spent my holidays in the surfer stronghold of Huntington Beach in the south of Los Angeles. And the people there have a great motto: “You can’t prevent the wave. But you can learn to ride it”

How do you deal with the accelerating Pace of Change?

It’s exactly the same in life. The question is not whether you are affected by the increasing intensity of change, but only how well you are prepared and how you deal with it. My big goal with this article is to take away your fear of new ways and no longer see change as a threat, but as a great way to grow, to become better and take advantage of the huge opportunities it holds. Because the bottom line is that changes are nothing more than great gifts of life.

And I am aware of the fact that you often have to look very closely, because the most beautiful presents like to come in a not particularly attractive packaging. But the more you deliberately adjust your focus and concentrate on the huge opportunities and possibilities, the greater the reward will be. Let Voltaire’s words become your personal guide: “God has given us life. It is our task to give ourselves the gift of living it well.”

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Let the Change begin!

Best wishes