Why the Perfect Moment Will Never Come

It´s Monday morning, I am sitting at the Panke, a small river north of Berlin, and am enjoying my day. There is not a cloud in the sky and the temperature has already reached seventy-seven degrees at eleven o´clock in the morning. Since I have been traveling almost nonstop for speeches lately, I am using my first free day in weeks to relax a little. And as I am letting the mental images of the past experiences pass by, my eyes catch a piece of wood that is floating with the current of the water. This observation is fascinating me. Every movement is more or less random and the course is determined by outside influences. From time to time, this piece of wood gets caught on a rock or a plant, until it disappears from my view, caught by a faster rapid.

The pattern of leading a passive life

And I don´t remember exactly what it was, but in that moment I had to think about how many people live their life according to this pattern. You float around more or less randomly, without having a clear goal or a specific vision. You´d rather wait and adjust, instead of actively creating your future. This pattern of leading a passive life has grave consequences. Everyone relies on someone else to take responsibility. Nobody is brave enough to make decisions anymore. Nobody wants to make mistakes. Course, direction and speed of your own life are subject to a fatal arbitrariness, and, at some point, you come to terms with this discontent that is undoubtedly going to occur. You would rather manage the status quo than take destiny into your own two hands and initiate the necessary changes yourself.

Break the pattern and start taking responsibility

How about you, my dear readers, how many times have you found yourself in a situation where you thought, Somebody definitely needs to do something with this? How many times would you have liked to have changed something but relied on someone else taking care of it? How many times were you dissatisfied with a certain area in your life, but you hesitated for so long that everything remained how it´s always been in the end? Trust me, I know this behavior all too well from my own past. I truly was an expert in passing off responsibilities, and hoping that others would make the right decisions for me. But one day I realized where this attitude had led me, namely a life characterized by external direction and discontent. And by no means was it easy for me to free myself from this behavior pattern and take full responsibility for all my ideas, decisions and actions.

Are you ready to continue evolving?

Let me share on deep belief I developed throughout the last 10 years: I believe that inside every single person, a huge potential lies dormant that is just waiting to be brought to the surface and be used. And it doesn´t matter what profession you are currently in, what title you have, or which starting point you are beginning from. It also does not matter if you are a successful business owner, or a housewife and mother. The one and only thing that matters is whether you are ready to continue evolving. The world is waiting to be moved, namely by you. “But Ilja,“ you might object, “how can I change my business, my surroundings or even the world? I can´t even find the time to organize my everyday life properly. Besides, I don´t have any connections, or enough power or money.“

Living an active life means to take personal responsibility, to change actively and to use your full potential

Believe me; I can understand these objections because I hear them nearly every single day.  But I decided a long time ago not to accept these excuses any longer. Because even if you have been told on a regular basis that those people who move the world have extraordinary skills at their disposal, this could not be further from the truth. Quite the contrary, it´s always people like you who steadily put the biggest dents in the universe. It´s people like you who make a difference with their ideas and innovations. It´s people like you who make the world a better place every day through their decisions and actions. So start doing it and stop waiting for your boss, your colleagues, or your social environment to give you permission. All that you need to awaken your personal motivation to change you already carry inside of you. You doubt this statement? Then let us look at the following factors together, that nobody but you can influence.

Ten things that you can influence at any time, even under difficult conditions

  1. You can go through life with a positive attitude each day.
  2. You can be a role model to other people every day through your thoughts, decisions and actions.
  3. You can complete your work with passion, ambition and motivation each day.
  4. You can work on your own personal development every day.
  5. You can use every day to dream big and make bold choices.
  6. You can make other people happy every day.
  7. You can make sure your colleagues, customers and co-workers follow your lead through high standards and expectations.
  8. You can give everything, every single day, to be better than you were yesterday.
  9. You can take another step on the way to greatness every day.
  10. You can use your talents, your abilities and your experiences every day to become a better version of yourself.

You need don´t need permission. Just do it!

Do you see what I mean? You don´t need a title, money or permission from others for any of these things. It´s all up to you. And nobody expects you to save the entire world right away (I think this is best left to Iron Man, Frodo or Bruce Willis). No, you should start with yourself, at your workplace, in your family and your environment. One of my favorites quotes is from Mother Teresa, who once said „If each of us would only clean their own doorstep, the world would be clean.“ Right she is, this remarkable lady. Change always begins on the inside and then comes to the light through our actions.

Let the change begin!


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