success is an asshole

Success is an Asshole!

Success is an Asshole How to discover what Succes really means to you “Success is an asshole!” I spat this sentence with contempt into the reflection of my face in the mirror. It was a New Year’s Eve, many years ago. At that time, I…
non-negotiable core principles

Non-Negotiable Core Principles

Non-Negotiable Core Principles Why Strong Core Values are no Longer "Nice to have" but a Must Probably the oldest saying regarding change goes, “Love it. Change it. Or leave it.” For me, this triad hits the nail on the head in its simplicity.…

Change Competence is the New Change Management

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How companies successfully master Change in a VUCA World What will change management look like in the future? I have been asked this question more often than any other in recent weeks and months. No wonder, because it is no longer a secret…


How to change your company, your team and get the life you want Every time has its trends. In the 1980s it was the Walkman, roller-skates and the epic hymns of Bon Jovi. In the 1990s there was the Tamagotschi, soccer players wore a haircut…


Dealing with the changing world around us has become a key skill for every entrepreneur Yes, constant change is the new normal! In my book, Die Veränderungs-Formel: Aus Problemen Chancen machen (The Change Formula: Turning Problems into…