The Age of Entrepreneurship

age of entrepreneurship

Why the future belongs to entrepreneurs, change makers and business owners

This article is written for entrepreneurs. And those who want to become one. By that I mean, of course, the profession of an entrepreneur. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the middle-sized companies (who are still run and led by the owner) because nowhere else are so many jobs created, innovations are driven forward and productive values created. But also every self-employed person, freelancer and owner of a small business belongs to this category. Thomas Mann once said: “You should always wear a hat so you can lift it off on occasions when it’s appropriate.” This is such a moment, and I salute each and every one of you for your courage, dedication and achievement.

But I also know that not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. There are people who are much better able to live out their talents in an employment relationship. But even as a manager in a large corporation, as a civil servant in a public authority or as an employee in an industrial company, you have the opportunity every day to think, decide and act like an entrepreneur. Yes, you have heard right. Being an entrepreneur is not a question of your professional position but above all of your mindset. It´s always the question of whether you are a future-driven change maker who actively creates opportunities or a sceptical naysayer who always finds a problem even under the best possible circumstances. Let me explain what I mean.

Are you a change maker or a naysayer?

Naysayers are not mean or even evil persons. Actually, they are ordinary people like you and me. However, over the years they have become passive and decided to rather wait in their comfort zone to see what life has in store for them. It’s a bit like the lottery. They look curiously at the number that fate presents them with and then react to it. Or sometimes not. Naysayers often become the plaything of others. They are mainly focused on problems, obstacles and difficulties and spend a lot of time and energy explaining to themselves and others why something is not working. Their everyday life is characterized by moaning and complaining and they are never really satisfied. Despite all this frustration, they find it very difficult to change.

The entrepreneur a.k.a. change maker is different. As a person with a can-do-attitude, he himself determines what his life should look like. He does not wait for what fate has in store for him, but actively shapes his future. He focuses on possibilities and opportunities, is always ready to seize them when they present themselves, is open to new things, always curious and regards change as a great gift of life. He likes to take responsibility. For others, but especially for himself. Did you find yourself in the description of the entrepreneur? Great, because this article was written exactly for people like you. And if you want to learn the entrepreneur’s attitude first, that’s fine, because you will find a lot of ideas, suggestions and impulses for your journey in the many articles on this blog. The age of entrepreneurship has begun. Let us change the world together.