The Five Seasons in C Major


The Five Seasons in C Major

How every change on the outside starts with an inner transformation

Have you ever been in that space of motivation where you are just enthusiastic about every sensible new information you come across? As though you’re a little human sponge that’s ready to take over the world no matter what comes its way? That feeling comes like a deadly tornado, sweeping everything in its way in order to get wherever it’s going. It’s an exciting feeling as well, almost how a human would be if he was powered with five coffees before breakfast. I cannot confirm nor deny if that is how I get through my mornings. A little mystery goes a long way.

You then get to those moments where everything you read, hear or see is just a bag of fluff holding no weight or substance. Almost like everyone who opens their mouth is just breathing out heavy exhausting air that has no solid proof of success. Those moments are the worst, even highly optimistic people go through them. This is when you find it easy to cut people off, you know? A young purge to clean up your phone book and invitations list… Funny enough, this headspace is the very one equipping you with solutions on plenty of things that may have needed a realist’s eye all along. It is easier to make decisions in this state and you don’t spend too much time investing emotions in things that are of no reward.

The blissful moments in life

And then there are those times when everything seems blissful. Where your mornings play out like a movie scene and your interactions with friends and family like an episode out of rare moments of a reality show. If slow motion was a normal phenomenon this would be when it plays out. These are the times when the kids are well behaved, your spouse says all the right things, your parents suddenly are in agreement with your parenting styles and general life decisions. It’s as if nature agrees with you because this is when you are grateful for every little thing, even those birds that make a nice sound when you go for a jog… blissful moments these are.

Surprisingly, more often than not, the latter phase is followed by acceptance. There is something quite significant that comes with gratitude. I am still uncertain how to term that state of mind but there is gratitude, that particular state, then comes a pure form of acceptance. And this type of acceptance is just another form of gratitude. It is almost like you stop fighting with yourself and reality. You are suddenly fine with your car and don’t mind that your house’s view has an angle that is slightly off; you could never ignore it because symmetry is just so important to you. This is when you are fine with your belly and start tackling it with kindness at the gym because it will flatten at its own time. If slow motion was a real life phenomenon this is where the soft melody starts, where everything is just okay!

Your state of mind has a huge impact on your creativity

Then bang! You find yourself in one of those states, where you are supposed to be at work doing what you love but have been stuck reading blog posts with your imagination running wild. Realising that you have been in one if not all of the states you have just been made aware of. This could be the time to be happy that you identify with the pleasant ones, or be annoyed because reality has struck, it is almost the end of this article which means your break is almost over. Or you just want more and just like that tornado you will take whatever means necessary to try to get a hold of someone to make something happen. This particular phase, if you have not picked up on the hints, is that one when reality strikes hard. You realise where you are and see the need for change or improvement, or some sort of action in order to better something.

You can always make a difference if you start now. Anyone can make a Major Comeback if truly determined. See that? C Major- Major Comeback? Nothing to do with music, I just wanted to sound like Vivaldi. A wise man once said “Formulate your personal declaration of independence. Start your inner rebellion and follow up with outside actions.”(Think It. Do It. Change It. pg. 87. Ilja Grzeskowitz)

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Best wishes and let the change begin,

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