The Perfection Dilemma

perfection dilemma

The Perfect Moment Will Never Come

So many people dream of starting their own business, enjoying financial freedom, having a well-trained body, steep careers, fulfilling relationships and generally a happy life. But instead of turning their dreams into reality, they hesitate. Wait. And ultimately experience the biggest obstacle to success that I know of: the perfection dilemma. The expectation to be perfectly prepared. The belief that something might still be missing. The fear of not being good enough. Does that sound familiar? In real life, the perfection dilemma is defined by one obvious symptom. Instead of making a real decision (not to be confused with verbalised intentions, wishes or vague claims. Real decisions always include the commitment to accept and take full responsibility for all possible consequences), to formulate a clear goal and then to put all your energy into its implementation, one prefers to waste the available energy on preparation. One plans and plans and plans.

World Champions in Making Plans

And while others have started taking massive action, these people decide that it´s better to plan just a little bit more. They prepare themselves mentally, buy countless books (which, of course, they never read, which is why these books are also called “shelf-help books”), attend further training, convince themselves that are not yet ready, make up their mind that they will definitely start next month and then plan even more. For such a long time, they are waiting for the perfect moment, that they are missing out to get into the most important phase of any change: The implementation. But let me share a big secret with you. The crucial building block to make the transition from being a world champion in making plans into an action focused changemaker. Are you ready? Okay, here it is. There’s just no such thing as a perfect moment to start. There will always be something you don’t know, something you can’t do, or something you haven’t thought of. So what? Success is never a straight line, it’s always an emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs. Your task is to learn, grow and develop along this path.

Better to Start Imperfectly Than to Hesitate Perfectly

Whatever it is that frustrates you personally or professionally,  you will only succeed in making the necessary changes if you free yourself from the perfection dilemma. Remind yourself again and again that you are good enough. And there comes a time when you just have to start. The perfect rule of thumb is: Better to start imperfectly than to hesitate perfectly. Of course, along the way, you will make many mistakes, have to solve unforeseen problems and remove obstacles. But first of all, this is life, and secondly, this is the only way to learn, grow and develop your personality. Please remember this: Prepare as much as you need to, but as little as possible. And then get started. Be content with eighty per cent, because you will never reach one hundred anyway. Start taking action and learn on the way. And the more you dare to start off imperfectly, the more successful you will be. The motto is: Stop being trapped in perfection dilemma – start taking action. Or as the Korean artist Nam June Paik once put it so aptly: “If too perfect, dear God angry!”