You Have One Shot. Take It!

You Have One Shot. Take It!

Living a life with purpose and meaning

People often do impressive things in life until they hit a point of confusion. This applies to so many things, from relationships, projects, work, diets, working out, the list goes on. It is almost like we’ve been coded to know what we want and not how to bring it to completion.

A lot of depression and anxiety comes from this. We hit that obstacle, knowing exactly what the problem is but there is that one element in the brain that seems to always be ready for sabotage. Almost like we do not need anyone to come and be a hater, we become our own haters at that moment.

There is hardly ever a utopian environment for anything in life. Every scenario has its own flaws, this includes breathing. There are countless people that have some sort of respiratory issue all around the world, but that is never your problem when you do not have to deal with it. Even a simple thing as identifying a colour… I’m sure women have a lot to say about this… but not everyone has the ability to say “oh easy, that’s a green shirt”. That is just how life is.

Identifying your one shot

You sometimes identify your one shot with so much excitement. You start fantasizing about how great it’s going to be once that idea flies. You plan the setup of your penthouse and have a perfect view of your main bedroom over the whole city. You think of all the great things until you hit that one point of difficulty and then everything starts to fade like nothing ever happened. Almost like all your dreams just start to fade because you’ve reached that one point where it seems as though the whole idea is nothing but baloney.

Funny enough, if I ask you to walk from one side of the room to the next with an object of just touching the wall on the other side, you will do it at ease. Even if I come and put a giant table in front of you, you will furnace your way around it, or under it, or even climb over it to pass only because you know that your final goal in this particular scenario is to get to the other side and touch the wall.

No more excuses. Start executing.

Detours! Things we humans never want to encounter. Pivots! You can sit 2 hours on traffic instead of taking a route that will take you around but still help get you there in less than an hour. I mean, there is nothing wrong with being hopeful and bringing things to completion. There is, however, everything wrong with being stupid and wasting time. The traffic, in this case, is our execution is business, projects, relationships and so on. We have every power possible to make relevant changes to make things work but we are not willing to come up with solutions to make things work.

We all know how to complain and cry about things, but haven’t you ever thought that the ability to complain, cry, be depressed or have some sort of anxiety is the very thing that can help remedy the situation? I mean, you know the cause of the problem anyway, don’t you?

The mindset of lifelong learning

This western mentality of “it was just not working out” or “it is what it is” has got to come to a stop. Have you identified your one shot? Talk about it! Trust me, you’re not that special and no one is waiting for your idea to run with it. Even if they are, how will they execute what they do not know? Imagine sitting on it and then coming up with a solution after 10 years when your friend, or in-law who happens to be smarter than you, can criticize it and remodel it for you in 10 minutes.

Your one shot does not have to come to an end when you encounter a detour. Remodel it, reinvent it, do something about it and make it work at the end of the day. You have all it takes to do whatever you want; your mind is that powerful. Stop being afraid of things that do not exist. Dive in, and dive in hard and then see how you come out swimming with sharks. Think of all those who came before you, those who made a global name for themselves. Remember their enormous issues? You’ve got only one shot. On your mark, GO!

I wish you the best of luck!

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